Structural Steel

Attwoods offers Structural Steel in a variety of shapes and sizes

We provide steel construction material in a variety of shapes and sizes, including beams and plates. Our Steelworkers can create custom supports for buildings, framing, and other structures which can support a heavy load.

Structural Steel Fabrication

Diverse Customised Solutions

When you partner with a fabricator who provides custom structural steel solutions, you have the freedom to order unique pieces specific to your project. Whether you need beautiful, handcrafted ornamental rails or straightforward caged ladders, a custom fabricator can adhere to your exact needs.

Workshop Drawings

The workshop drawings and plans will adhere to the requirements of your project, such as deadlines and budget. Structural steel workshop fabrication drawings are what our team uses to bring the your plans and ideas to fruition.

Cut and Drill Steel Beams

Using specialised tools, such as power saws, shears, lasers, punches, notches, and plasma cutters we will cut and drill the steel beams according to your project requirements.

Component Assembly

Once our team finish cutting and forming the components of your structural steel design we will weld and assemble the pieces. At this stage, the fabrication team will check to make sure all pieces assemble correctly and match order specifications.

Custom Part Machining

If you request any custom metal fabrication, your vendor will create custom parts at this stage. Custom parts are ideal when you need components to fit a specific structure or product. You may need custom part machination if standard looks or sizes aren’t right for your structural steel project, either in function or aesthetics.

Workshop Assembly

Next is a full assembly of your project in our structural steel fabrication workshop. In some cases, partial assembly may be more appropriate depending on the size and weight of the components. Complete assembly ensures all parts of the order are present and functioning. Changes at this stage are rare and only occur if there has been a mistake in a previous step.

Preparing to Dispatch

After a successful complete assembly, our workshop team will disassemble your project and prepare components for either finishing or direct shipment. We always do this quickly and efficiently, packing the components in a way that makes project erection at the site easy.

Protective Coatings

If you request protective paint, powder coating, sandblasting, galvanising, or another finish we can arrange for that to be done. Industrial assemblies often require a certain finish to comply with safety regulations and engineering specifications. We can arrange for the application of the latest technology to apply the finish of your choice.

Shipping to the Construction Site

At this point, your project is complete! We will execute your agreed-upon shipping arrangement, sending your completed, disassembled components directly to your site location. Ask for tracking details to ensure your project arrives on time.

Your trusted partner in steelworks

If you need structural steel fabrication for your construction project, we are proficient and provide affordable solutions.

Our experienced team, with decades of training and practical experience are available to provide you with professional advice and recommendation for all structural steel. For a quote and personal service, contact us with your details and requirements and one of our team will be in touch shortly.

Structural Steel

All our steel fabricators are highly trained in steel fabrication. Our team includes motivated and innovative steel workers that are equipped to provide our clients with the best in steel fabrication at an extremely affordable price compare to our competitors.

We are experts in structural steel works and have the perfected the fabrication of durable, efficient solutions for your project’s steel structure. We can do the detail drawings, steel fabrication, steel bending, profile cutting, welding, and all the preparation to create structural steel that is ready to arrive onsite and install.

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