Commercial sheetmetal services in Newcastle

Looking for metal work in Cardiff? Look no further, Attwoods Stats Metal here for you

Commercial sheet metal work in Newcastle should not be second-best, and that is why Attwoods Sheetmetal takes it seriously.

With customers always looking for raw steel to suit their business needs, we make it a point of pride that our steel production is done with quality but at a cost-effective price at your end. We know that finding a solution to sheet metal needs is of value, and we ensure that everything is taken care of.

For years, we have been supplying a steady stream of work in Newcastle and nearby areas for the rail industry, as we’ve built a reputation of quality and reliability in both our products and delivery.

Attwoods Stats Metal builds control cabinets, switchboards, signal posts, ladders, platforms, point control rodding, relay racks, level crossing cabinets, stainless steel boxes, sunshades, and EOL boxes – all quality assured. An engineer’s certificate is available for all of our work.

Our expert tradesmen manufacture and supply a vast range of components and parts for mining needs and specifications. We provide an engineer’s certificate for our work and adhere to all quality assurance standards.

We provide steel construction material in a variety of shapes and sizes. Such as beams and plates. Our Steelworkers can create custom supports for buildings, framing, and other structures which can support a heavy load.

Our toolboxes are tough and made to last. We believe in quality, and that starts with the thickness of the material. We use 3mm as opposed to 2mm thick aluminium. That extra one millimetre thickness makes for a big difference when it comes to wear. We pay close attention to the quality of our hinges, rubber, handles, and gas struts, because you need a toolbox that’s built to last.

Supply your own plans or provide us with your measurements and we will construct it to suit. Call us, or drop in for a measure and a quote.

If your job requires much more than just a few toolboxes in the back of your ute, consider a service body ute fit out. Our service bodies are used by carpenters, plumbers, gas fitters, mobile mechanics, and electricians, as well as on mining vehicles.

We custom build to the requirement of the specific trade. There is no ‘one size fits all’ option when it comes to dropping a service body on the back of a utility vehicle. Go for custom built to suit your needs, and you’ll never regret it.

We custom manufacture stainless steel trailers. We call them ‘forever’ trailers. They last a lifetime and will always look as good as the day they are delivered.

We also build car floats, motorcycle trailers, box trailers, and cargo cages for customers in Newcastle and surrounding areas.

Metal Fabrication Services

We make every effort to provide efficient steel fabrication services to the residential, commercial, and industrial market. Sheet metal and stainless steel fabrication lends itself well to various architectural designs, adding a long lasting and stylish element to many residential and commercial properties.

With our fully equipped workshops and experienced trade staff, we are able to handle a wide variety of fabrication jobs, from bending, drilling and welding to creating a complete product. Alternatively, we can provide you with all the materials you need, ready for assembly; cut, drilled and folded to your requirements. We can also provide basic design services to help get your project planned and specified. We can fabricate round tubes, square tubes, round & flat bars, angles, and RHS and RSJ, as well as high precision guillotining and welding of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, corten, and more.