Ezipier Adjustable Steel Piers

Attwoods offers a full range of EZIPIER and EZIBRACE stock

Benefits of Ezipier

True adjustability: Adjusting an Ezipier head is done by turning a nut not by removing bolts or tek screws.

Safe perimeter: Because Ezipier heads are designed for a flush finish there are no protruding components to hurt you when walking by.

Clear termite inspection point: Solid threaded rod – simple and easy to inspect, doesn’t interfere with cladding (note that ant caps, which can interfere with cladding, are still only inspection points not ‘barriers’).

Base plate protector: The first pier system to provide a high capacity (5mm thick) composite protector to separate the base plate from the concrete footing for added protection against ponding of water.

Affordable flexibility & convenience: The range of Ezipier heads have been designed to suit standard post sizes, to handle most residential loads of up to 5m heights, and for ease of purchase from local merchants.

Protection: Now you have the option to choose posts with higher protection when required to suit site conditions such as coastal areas.

Non-combustible: Can be used in bushfire prone areas.

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Benefits of Ezibrace

Cut installation time in half: We still can’t believe how easy we’ve made it! During onsite Ezibrace testing we found that most sub-floor bracing will take about half the time compared to systems we’ve used in the past. It’s quick to install and in high-wind applications the Ezibrace system can be adapted to achieve a higher capacity so you need fewer bracing bays to resist wind loads.

High lateral bracing capacity: The design of the Ezipier paddle and joiner allows for a high number of screws if required by your engineer. This combined with the 30×30 SHS bracing tube can provide you a high capacity to restrain from lateral forces between 5°- 60° degree angles.

Minimal wastage: With the Ezibrace joiner utilise small offcuts of SHS bracing tube without losing capacity.

Sloping sites: Piers and posts are typically used on uneven sites where it makes sense to have a cross bracing system like Ezibrace that allows for bracing posts of different heights.

Your decision is easy with Ezipier and Ezibrace

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Flush to the Building Line

Designed so piers do not protrude outside the building line making it a neater finish for all trades.

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High capacity, Fast Installation

A high capacity bracing system that’s easy to install on low-set and high-set elevated floors.

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Engineered and Certified

Ezipier heads and bases have been engineered in a variety of sizes to suit most site loads.

Adjustable Steel Piers & Stumps for any Floor

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Applications of Ezipier and Ezibrace

These are some projects that were supported by Ezipier adjustable and fixed pier heads. From supporting low-set decks and granny flats to high-set pole homes. Ezipier heads and bases are also handy for re-stumping and rectification work to get floors back to level.

Timber Sub-floor | Supporting Internal Bearers

Two Storey | Suitable for Many Home Types

High-set Floors & Slopes | Up to 8 Metres High